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    In the recent budget, it was announced the government are reducing the threshold for Capital gains.


    Landlords will be hit by this, if you are thinking of selling a property, but let’s see what it means.


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    Presently everyone who sells a capital asset has the first £12,300 exempt from paying anything. This is being reduced to £6,000 in 2023 and £3,000 from 2024.


    Depending on which tax bracket you fall in to, the additional profit made will be taxed. If you are a 20% taxpayer, you will pay 18% on the profit. If you are a higher rate payer, 40% and above, you pay 28%.



    If you purchased a property for £200,000 and sold it for £300,000. For simple terms, you have made £100,000 (there are other costs you can deduct).


    Tax year2022/ 2023 – In the present tax year you would deduct the first £12,300 pay tax on the remaining £87,700.00. At 18% this would be £15,786.00 and at 28% this would be £24,556.


    Tax Year 2023/2024 The additional amount to pay in 2023 due to threshold being lowered to £6,000 would be £1,134 at 18% and £1764 at 28%.


    Tax year 2024/2025 Then an additional amount in 2024 due to the threshold being lowered to £3,000 would be  £540 at 18% and £840 at 28%.


    If we tried to look at the glass half full aspect, they did not match the tax to pay to your earnings tax!


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