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  • If you rent multiple rooms to 5 or more people, forming two or more households, then you need a license and the deadline to apply is 1st October 2018.

    Up and until now, landlords only required a license if you had five or more people AND over 3 or more floors. The new changes have taken the ‘AND’ out and you now require a license whether they are on one floor or more.


    Bournemouth and Poole council are charging £635 for a new license for up to 10 units(rooms) and an additional charge of £35 to conduct a ‘Fit and Proper Person check’. The license will last for 5 years. The ‘Fit and Proper person check’ will include checking for the following.

    • Any previous convictions relating to violence, sexual offences, drugs and fraud
    • Whether the proposed licence holder has broken any laws relating to housing or landlord and tenant issues
    • Whether the person has been found guilty of unlawful discrimination
    • Whether the person has previously managed HMOs that have broken any approved code of practice.

    A fine of up to £20,000 may be imposed. In addition, breaking any of the licence conditions can result in fines of up to £5,000.

    The licence will also include the following conditions

    • A valid gas safety certificate
    • A valid electrical safety certificate (5 year NICEIC certificate)
    • Proof that all smoke alarms and fire detection systems are correctly positioned, installed and regularly maintained
    • Each occupier must have a written statement of terms on which they occupy the property, for example a tenancy agreement.

    Room sizes are also changing. For one person the room must be a minimum of 6.51 square meters and for two people the room must be a minimum of 10.22 square meters. Those found renting out rooms smaller than these sizes will attract civil penalties of up to £30,000 by local authorities.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for landlords to self-manage property portfolios, with over 150 new legislations in just the last 3 years.

    Please be safe, be compliant and sleep at night.


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