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  • Is Property Investment Still a Good Option?

    Investing in property and the yield that can be gained from it has always been considered a good bet. You have a property that historically has always increased in price and you receive a rental income from the property.

    Today where many savings accounts are hard to find above 1.5%, having your money sat idly is just not working for you and therefore many are turning to property to give a better return.

    If you had £250,000 cash sat in the bank earning 1.3% your annual return will be £3,250. Depending on where you buy, a property in the Bournemouth or Poole could buy you a 2 bed house. This would typically rent for around £900 pcm bringing you a yearly return of £10,800, an additional £7,550.00 per annum.

    Learn more about property yield

    If you would like to know the yield of an investment property, then please click on this link for our

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