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  • Michael Gove, the secretary of state for levelling up, is looking to bring to parliament the Renters Reform Act after the Kings coronation this month!


    This is intended to give another shake up within the industry, including the much talked about banning of the Section 21 notice. The Section 8 notice will be amended to include new ways of gaining access to your property if the landlord is looking to gain possession of a property to either move back in or sell the property, as well as the current form where the tenant is in breach of their tenancy.


    This will be an interesting legislation and could drive more landlords to exit the market, where rents are already at an all time high due to the lack of stock around.


    Other news, the EPC grading of bringing all new and renewing tenancies to a ‘C’ from it’s current ‘E’ was due to come into force in 2025, with all remaining properties being a ‘C’ by 2028. This is looking to be amended to all properties being a ‘C’ by 2028.


    And lastly, shockingly, Suella Braveman is planning a crackdown on odious landlords who ask for sexual favours in exchange for rent! Dan Wilson Craw, Deputy Director of Generation Rent, recently has said “…….. Research conducted by Generation Rent and Mumsnet estimates that over 200,000 women could be victims of ‘Sex for Rent’ in the United Kingdom.’  A new law is being looked at being created to stop predatory landlords exploiting tenants for discounted rent.


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