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    Just when you think you got it all sown up and you know every single part of making sure all paperwork is compliant, something throws a curve ball!


    We all know it is vital to have a Gas safety Certificate on a rental property. We know the absolute importance of not allowing that certificate to expire, we all know NOT having a Gas Certificate on a property is a fine of £6,000 per item and/or six months in prison. BUT….. who knew this!


    A landlord recently had a Section 21 rejected through Shoreditch County Court because the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate did not bear the landlords name and address. The property address was on there, the gas engineer name and number were there and the date was there and all correct, but because it didn’t have the landlord name and the landlord (or agent) address, in the box it was thrown out.


    Then low and behold this week, a landlord’s own contractor provided us with a gas safety certificate without the landlord details on it. We asked him to complete it and return it.


    At Move On, we have never had a Section 21 rejected in the 18 years we have been in business and I am extremely proud of this. We check everything for the court paperwork, but we also attend yearly legal updates to make sure we are always up to date with the legislations. Most agents and landlords will say this scenario is a first, but now we are all pre-warned. Make sure your certificates have your name and your address or your agents address in the box.



    We take away the stress and strains of renting, to give you more time and peace of mind!

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