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    I have been asked this question multiple times over the last few months. Although the answer is not a simple yes or no, it is a great question! The question deserves a very thought-out answer, and I can help you with this.


    Not only have I owned property for 40 years, but I have also owned Move On for 17 years. My portfolio includes HMO’s, normal rentals and Airbnb, so when I say I walk the walk with my clients, I truly do and this helps in the amazing conversations I have had.


    I have an understanding of capital gains, stamp duty, transferring properties to a Company. How to ride the high variable rate some of our experiencing and when you simply are tired of the increasing legislations and how to get out with minimal disruption to your rental income.


    If you have thought of these questions and just want to have a conversation with a fellow landlord, then I am more than happy to have a coffee with you and a friendly chat.


    At Move On, we are helping landlords sell their tenanted properties to investors. If you would like an informal chat on your options, please Email sharon@moveon.biz or ring me 01202711169.