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    Sometimes I just despair and those that know me, will say the headline today is NOT my normal headline. But what has led me to this?


    The government, councils and MP’s are apparently shocked at the lack of rental stock, the increasing rents and landlords selling up. Really? Here are some facts.


    • Not all landlords are bad and rich! Most landlords are good landlords and all they wanted to do was take control of their own income and retirement.
    • Landlords are generally good people who want their tenants to be happy and secure in their home. In return, they just ask for tenants to pay their rent on time and to look after the property.
    • The government trying to ban Section 21 notice is frightening many landlords and they are selling up! Yet 99% of landlords use this method for serious rent arrears or they want to sell or move back in. NOT because they feel like it.
    • When the government decided to tax landlords on the total rent and not allow them to deduct the mortgage interest, many landlords swapped their property to Airbnb so that they could deduct the mortgage interest.
    • Social Housing is more likely to have properties in disrepair than the private sector!
    • Tenants do not want periodic tenancies from day one, they want the security of a home by having a fixed term tenancy.
    • Rents are rising due to the government’s intervention in the above and causing the lack of stock.
    • ‘SHELTER’ do not provide shelter.


    Rant over!


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